A musical introduction to life in the
Tudor Court



The Tudor Experience is an interactive introduction to a theme in British History (new National Curriculum September 2014) which brings the subject to life through contemporary music from the Tudor Court. It creates an opportunity for groups of up to 15 to attend 30 minute workshops, to sample Tudor/Elizabethan dance, song and ensemble playing.

These workshops are aimed at KS1/2 as an introduction to study a theme in British History to extend pupils chronological knowledge beyond 1066 (new History N.C. P.o.s Sept. 2014). The workshops are followed by a concert in which participants are encouraged to perform live, developing an understanding of the history of music from different traditions (new Music N.C. P.o.s Sept. 2014).

By the end of the session the school will have been introduced to costume, poetry, music and dance and will have seen the period as a living part of British History.

There will be ample opportunity for questions and the school will be provided with follow-up activities linked to the Topic.





Workshops suitable for up to 15 children per session including support staff

£200 Half Day

£250 Full Day



Dawn Twist: (KS2 Teacher & History Coordinator - Firs Estate Primary School, Derby)

Thank you for our Tudor Experience! It made an excellent introduction to our History topic bringing the subject to life and really boosting pupils' motivation. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were fascinated by the Tudor costume. They make reference to it regularly throughout the unit. It really enhanced their learning. It also made me more excited about teaching the topic.






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